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Contact: Joe Pressley, 212-629-3075 x 109
or Carolina Cordero Dyer, 212-673-6633 x 304


New York, NY (July 31, 2001): The Out People of Color Political Action Club, (OutPOCPAC) met last night at the Audre Lorde Project to select a slate of candidates for the upcoming citywide elections Throughout July, OutPOCPAC co-sponsored a number of community forums, in addition to sending out questionnaires to candidates.

OutPOCPAC is a New York City-based nonpartisan, political club of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit and Transgendered (LGBTST) People of Color. It is committed to raising the awareness of elected officials and candidates for public office around issues of primary importance to our communities, as well as to increasing the number of elected officialsfrom our communities. We seek to educate and unite our diverse communities around a progressive and multifaceted agenda of racial, economic, sexual and gender justice.

"This year's elections provide us with an enormous challenge to determine the future of our city," said Carolina Cordero Dyer, Co-President. "We want to make sure that our voices, and those of the communities we represent, are part of the process. We are only making endorsements in what we consider to be a few key races, and we believe that these candidates will work to serve LGBTST people of color. "

OutPOCPAC endorses the following candidates:

Mayor: Fernando Ferrer (Democrat)
Public Advocate: Steven DiBrienza (Democrat)
Comptroller: Bill Thompson (Democrat/Working Families)

Bronx Borough President: Adolfo Carrion (Democrat/Working Families)
Brooklyn Borough President: Jeannette Gadson (Democrat)
Manhattan Borough President: C. Virginia Fields (Democrat)
Queens Borough President: Helen Marshall (Democrat/Liberal/Working Families)
Staten Island Borough President: Jerome X. O'Donovan (Democrat/Working Families)

City Council District 1: Kwong Hui (Democrat)
City Council District 2: Margarita Lopez (Democrat)
City Council District 7: Robert Jackson (Democrat/Working Families)
City Council District 8: Philip Reed (Democrat/Working Families)
City Council District 9: Bill Perkins (Democrat)
City Council District 20: John Liu (Democrat/Working Families)
City Council District 25: Jimmy Van Bramer (Democrat/Working Families)
City Council District 35: Letitia James (Democrat/Working Families)

"After eight years of the current administration, New York City needs progressive leadership" said Joe Pressley, Co-President. "Because of term limits, this year's elections present a golden opportunity to dramatically change New York City's political landscape. We believe that the progressive candidates we're supporting can help lead New York in the right direction."

In the weeks leading up to the September primaries, OutPOCPAC will be active in the campaigns of these candidates, as well as conducting voter education and community organizing.

For more information about OutPOCPAC, please contact call 212-222-9794,  email us .
Updated: 7/31/2001