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Minutes for May 24, 2001

The following revisions/additions were made at the Thursday, May 24th meeting:


The People Of Color Political Action Committee is a New York City-based nonpartisan, political club of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit and Transgendered (LGBTST) People of Color. It is committed to raising the awareness of elected officials and candidates for public office around issues of primary importance to our communities, as well as to increasing the number of elected officials from our communities. We seek to educate and unite our diverse communities around a progressive and multifaceted agenda of racial, economic, sexual and gender justice.

To achieve this mission, POC PAC will work to:
encourage active participation in local, state and national levels;
register voters who support the Club's mission and encourage their participation in the electoral process;
advocate for legislation consistent with the Club's mission;
evaluate candidates for elected and appointed public office and actively support those candidates who best promote the Clubs mission;
evaluate pending legislation, adopt public positions, and advise the communities of the Club's recommendations;
actively support the election of progressive LGBTST People of Color for public office;
educate public officials, candidates for public office, media, and the general community on political issues of importance to the LGBTST People of Color communities;
build coalitions with other organizations that support the Club's mission;
increase participation of underrepresented groups within our communities;
and increase the Club's visibility and influence by advocacy, community action, and organizing.

We propose a very simple structure for now that will enable us to function effectively until the November elections. After the elections, more formal and detailed By-Laws need to be adopted:
1) Membership is open to all LGBTST People of Color in New York State who sign up on the mailing list or notify the Secretary. For the time being, dues are $20. Fee waivers are available upon request. [Note: Further discussion on Membership Criteria for both POC identity and level of progressivism will occur at future meetings.]
2) The members elected the Board Of Directors at the May meeting. As a practical matter, this temporary Board will consist of any current members who are able to commit the necessary time to Board membership.
3) At the May meeting the following short-term Acting Officers were elected: Co-Chairs Carolina Cordero-Dyer and Joe Pressley; Secretary Lidell Jackson; and Treasurer Doug Robinson. [Note: Further discussion on the aspect of Associate Membership will occur at future meetings. ]
4) Voting on endorsements, legislation, etc. campaign will be conducted at meetings. Proxies for disabled members will be conducted by telephone and/or E-Mail.


Monday, June 4th, 6:30 pm at Joe Pressley's office, NY AIDS Coalition, 231 West 29th Street (between 7th/8th Avenues), Suite 1002.

Tuesday, June 12th, 6:30 pm at Carolina Cordero-Dyer's office, Osborne Association, 135 East 15th Street (off Union Square East).

Thursday, June 28th, 6:30 pm at N.Y.A.C., 231 West 29th Street, Suite 1002.

Acting Secretary LIDELL JACKSON, 222-9794; 481-7000, 147;

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Updated: 6/01/2001