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General Meeting.
Date: Tuesday, August 7th
Time: 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.
Location: The Queens Pride House
67-03 Woodside Avenue
Woodside, Queens
#7 train (Note: Local, not Express) to 69th Street station.
You can also take the BQE to the 69th Street exit.

This recently-created LGTSBT Center still needs office supplies, so we should show our support by bringing supplies to this meeting.

Agenda For OutPOCPAC Meeting
(Approximate Length Of Meeting: (2 Hours and 15 minutes)
1. Review of minutes from last general OutPOCPAC meeting (5 minutes) Minutes)

2. What Did We Learn From The July 30th OutPOCPAC Endorsement Committee Meeting? (20 to 30 Minutes)
(Information gathered from this discussion will help shape a later OutPOCPAC structural/process meeting, which will be scheduled after the November general elections,)
- What went well? What did we like about the Endorsement Meeting?
- Are there components of the meeting that could be improved/embellished?

3. Membership and Financial Updates (10 to 15 Minutes)
- current number of members
- financial report
- opening a bank account

4. OutPOCPAC Post-Endorsement Activities (70 to 75 Minutes)
(As we embark on this discussion, please keep in mind that the Primary will take place on Tuesday, September 11th. As such, lets try to set realistic goals.)
- Next Steps Until September 11th? (40 to 60 Minutes)
-What do we do with/for endorsed candidates?(20 minutes)
-Are there certain races that we may want to put more emphasis on?

-Is there any media work that needs to take place?
-Developing palm cards which list ourendorsements?
-Telephone banking?
-Other suggestions?
-What do we in races where our endorsed candidates do not emerge as winners? (10 to 15 Minutes)
-How will OutPOCPAC accomplish the desired goals by September 11th? (10 to 15 Minutes)

5. How can we Increase OutPOCPAC outreach efforts? (10 to 15 Minutes)

6. Other Items (please note that items brought up may have to be tabled until the next meeting)

7. Setting Additional OutPOCPAC Meeting Dates

Updated: 6/01/2001